Traditionally Made Stained Glass & Leaded Lights


Simon Howard gained an apprenticeship in traditional Stained Glass from his father and brother, whilst growing up in Lancashire, England. His father has worked in the glass industry since the 1960s, and his brother is an Stained Glass artist, now living in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2001, Simon established a successful Stained Glass studio in the North of England, taking commissions and restoration work from a wide range of customers in the public and private sectors. Some recently commissioned work is featured on this website.

With a degree in Fine Art from the Byam Shaw School in London, and over 20 years of experience, Simon combines traditional craftsmanship with striking design. Whether his Stained Glass designs are traditional or contemporary, Simon always ensures that each piece of work is sympathetic to its setting and period, and made with quality materials.

Simon is now based in the colourful market town of Llandeilo in West Wales, where he lives with his wife and their family. He is available for commissions both large and small scale, ecclesiastical, corporate or domestic. Simon is currently taking on work across South Wales, West Wales, Bristol and the North West of England.

Simon howard Glass Studio

Above: In the initial stages of design, Simon encourages customers to share their interests, experiences and memories with him, and incorporates these details in his designs. This results in some highly individual pieces of work. For example, the window ‘For Rose’, designed for a primary school in commemoration of a beloved pupil, and the door panel ‘From Rajasthan’, designed for a well-travelled couple with a passion for India.